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Cheese and Potato Muffins with Silesian-style Franks (Frankfuterki)

Potatoes, cheese and Silesian-style franks are another traditional ingredient combination that breaks stereotypes! We have another must-try recipe for you!

Polish Version of Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a dish well-known in many Eastern European cuisines. It is a dish that is simple to make, requiring basic ingredients, but which is delicious and comforting, and this is important during the autumn months. This time we offer a new, original version of this meal.

Colourful Tortillas with Pulled Beef and Vegetables

How do you combine foreign flavours with Polish, or rather Silesian, meat? You can do it with our recipe for Colourful Tortillas with pulled beef and vegetables. A quick dish that both young and old will enjoy.

Get Ready for Autumn Silesian Hunters Stew

We still have a few warm weeks ahead of us, but we are slowly entering the part of the year that will start to greet us with cooler evenings and shorter days. Yes, we're talking about autumn, of course. And what's the best way to be in a good mood during the last months of the year? Good food, of course! We have a recipe for Silesian-style hunters stew for you!

Silesian Cream Soup ’Ajntopf with Frankfuterki Sausages’ with an Italian Twist

In summer, due to the heat, we do not want to eat heavy dishes. That is why soup recipes are very helpful. This time we have something special for you – it is an Upper Silesian variation on the theme of cream soup,  ‘Ajntopf with Frankfurterki Sausages’ with an Italian twist.

Picnic Salted Tartelettes with Berger Sausage

The warm months are with us! And that means it's time for nature outings with friends. What do you do if you get hungry while outdoors? We have a recipe for salty picnic sausage tartelettes from Berger’s for you!


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